Look and feel beautiful again with our skin pigmentation treatments!  Our advanced laser system allows us to perform more than just tattoo removal procedures.  Since the design of the system allows for the laser beam to penetrate the surface of the skin, we are able to successfully achieve sunspot removal (also known as pigmented lesions), as well as erase tiny surface veins, freckles, skin discoloration issues, even birthmarks.

Treatment is quick, and results are seen very fast – sometimes complete removal of skin pigmentation issues can occur after just one treatment.  Best of all, the pain is minimal.  We can get you in, treated, and get you on your way in less than 15 minutes.

Skin Spot Removal Process

  • Consultation

    You will meet with the doctor free of charge to determine the approximate number of treatments necessary to remove your pigmented or vascular lesions, discuss aftercare, and receive a quote of how much treatment will cost.

  • Get Treated

    After your consultation, you will schedule your first laser procedure. We usually can treat you on the same day as your consultation. We offer convenient office hours to accommodate your schedule. Each laser appointment lasts approximately 15 minutes.

  • Receive Post Procedure Care

    After each visit, you'll be able to connect with the doctor via our eVisit platform to receive aftercare instruction and consultation. Convenient in-office visits are also available.

  • Watch Blemishes Fade

    With 1 to 3 treatments, your pigmented or vascular lesions will be completely erased.

Sunspot Removal

More commonly known as brown spots or age spots, nearly every person has at least one or more pigmented lesions. While most pigmented lesions are caused by sun exposure or aging, others are hereditary. Regardless of their origin, pigmented lesions are bothersome spots formed by a higher concentration of melanin in the skin. In majority of cases, patients seek to remove brown spots for cosmetic reasons in hopes of maintaining a youthful appearance.

There are many treatments that can target pigmented lesions, but Q-switched lasers (what we have at PAL) are the best, as they target just the desired area and often achieve complete results after just one session.

During a treatment, our laser will focus short pulses of intense laser energy onto the unwanted lesion. The energy of the laser is absorbed by the excess melanocyte cells, causing them to shatter. These cells are then replaced by new cells generated by the surrounding unharmed skin tissue.

The treated area will begin to form a darkened scab during the weeks following your treatment. Once the scab heals and flakes off, your skin will appear lighter and normally pigmented. If necessary, any additional treatments will shatter any remaining excess pigment.

Pigmented Lesion Removal FAQs

How many treatments will I need?

Laser treatment for pigmented lesions is a very fast and effective procedure. Most patients only need 1 to 2 treatments before seeing complete removal. Dr. Barry will give you a better estimate for number of treatment sessions needed during your free consultation.

Is Q-switched laser treatment the best solution for me?

If you have benign pigmented lesions such as sun spots or age spots, there’s no better solution than the lasers we have at PAL. These systems are specifically designed to treat pigmentation, whether naturally occurring (like a solar lentigo) or artificial (like a tattoo).  While there are many ways you can treat pigmented lesions, none are as efficient as Q-switched laser treatment, giving you faster results with fewer sessions or side effects.

Is the procedure painful?

Pigmented lesion removal is extremely quick depending on the size and amount of lesions being removed. Many patients compare the laser to having a rubber band snapped against the skin. Overall, the treatment is tolerable and will go by very quickly.

Because we only target the lesion and not the surrounding skin, there’s a minimized sensation and the treatment is very fast.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Our Trinity laser is safe to treat on all areas of the body. The most commonly treated areas for pigmented lesion removal are the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and hands.

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesion laser treatment, also known as spider vein removal, is an innovative procedure that eliminates unsightly vascular lesions with laser therapy. This can be a useful procedure for the smaller vascular issues that often occur on the nose, ears, cheeks, and legs. These lesions are extremely common and come in all different shapes and sizes – our laser is best for targeting veins of a narrow width (less than 1 mm). Vascular lesions are the result of a variety of factors, including aging, activity level, genetics, and hormones.

During a treatment, our Trinity laser will selectively direct light energy onto the vessel. The blood vessels temperature will rise, causing it to coagulate and collapse without damaging any surrounding tissue.

Over the weeks following treatment, a small bruise will form. As the bruise heals, the vessel will fade and eventually disappear. Vascular lesions do not reappear once removed. Staying active and protecting your skin from sun exposure will help additional spider veins from forming.

Vascular Lesion FAQs

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments is dependent on the severity of the vascular lesion being treated. Most patients need 2 to 3 treatments before seeing desired results while others may see dramatic improvement after just 1 session.

Is the treatment painful?

The laser treatment feels like a warm snapping sensation that may cause some discomfort, but is very tolerable.

Am I a candidate for vascular lesion treatment?

Dr. Gordon can assess your skin and see if a Q-switched laser is the right solution for you. Larger spider veins and varicose veins are not effectively treated with our laser, but it is an excellent solution for smaller vascular issues such as unsightly small spider veins on the nose, cheeks, ear, and legs. We’ve also seen great results on rosacea.

Am I a candidate for vascular lesion treatment?

Dr. Gordon can assess your skin and see if a Q-switched laser is the right solution for you. Larger spider veins and varicose veins are not effectively treated with our laser, but it is an excellent solution for smaller vascular issues such as unsightly small spider veins on the nose, cheeks, ear, and legs. We’ve also seen great results on rosacea.

What areas of the body can be treated?

All areas of the body can be treated with our Trinity laser. The most commonly treated areas for vascular lesion removal are the nose, cheeks, and legs.

Stretch Marks And Freckles

Our technology has afforded us the ability to treat skin blemishes of any color.  Since the redness of stretchmarks and pimples is due to a buildup of melanin, our laser can treat the affected area and can remove that unwanted pigmentation – usually with only one or two treatments.

The treatment is quick and relatively painless.  Please note that with stretch marks, our laser system can only remove the colorization of the blemish and cannot actually resurface any raised portion of the skin.


Physicians Advanced Laser Center offers competitive pricing to meet the needs of each and every patient.  During your free consultation, Dr. Gordon will assess your blemishes, categorize them according to size, and give you a customized treatment plan and pricing quote before proceeding with any treatments.  Generally skin rejuvenation procedures require only one treatment.  As always, all of our procedures are covered by our TOTAL REMOVAL GUARANTEE.  You’ll never pay more than you’re quoted.

  • Skin Spot Removal

    Pigmented and vascular lesions and freckle removal. Up to 10 spots.
  • $200per treatment
    • 11+ spots are $20 each after your first 10.
  • Stretch Marks

    Laser discoloration of stretch marks
  • $300per session
    • Treatment cost is the same no matter the size.
Payment Options

Since skin spot removal is considered cosmetic in nature, procedures are usually not able to be covered by insurance.

We have a number of payment options to suit your needs including cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

We are also proud to partner with CareCredit to provide simple financing for our patients.  If you qualify, you will receive 12 months same as cash financing for individual procedures and package deals.

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