The first step toward any treatment is receiving a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Gordon. He will assess your specific needs and develop a plan of treatment for you – all free of charge.  We know you’re busy, so we’ve created two unique ways for you to receive your consultation and see the doctor.


If you’d like to visit our office and receive your free consultation and post-procedure aftercare in person, we offer convenient hours to suit any schedule.

Simply click on the scheduling link below to visit our appointment portal and choose the date and time you’d like to be seen.  You will be scheduled for that appointment and will receive an email and text message reminder 24 hours prior to your visit.

If you need to schedule a consultation or appointment outside of our normal hours, we will be more than happy to work with you.  Simply call our office at 941-484-5451 and make an appointment by phone.


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Click to Call To Schedule an In-Office Visit


Physicians Advanced Laser Center is proud to offer a unique service to its patients – eVisits.

Without stepping foot in our office, you can receive a detailed consultation with Doctor Gordon who will evaluate your specific needs, quote you a price, and schedule your first appointment.  With our proprietary eVisit platform you can securely connect via a video link to the Doctor – 24/7, 365.

Anytime from anywhere you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or webcam enabled desktop computer to receive your initial consultation absolutely free.

After your treatments you can receive your aftercare consultations via our eVisit platform so you will need to come in to our offices to receive treatment only.

We understand that you’re busy and we’ve invested in the latest secure, HIPAA compliant video link platform to make our services as convenient as possible.


How can I receive a consultation without a physical examination?

Doctor Gordon actually doesn’t need to do a physical exam to give you a consultation or provide for aftercare.  Our eConsultation interface allows you to see the doctor and the doctor to see you.  You can simply point your camera to the tattoo you’d like removed and the doctor can give you an accurate estimation of cost and how many treatments it may take to remove the tattoo.

Can Dr. Gordon prescribe medication?

Yes. If the doctor decides you need aftercare treatment to reduce swelling or irritation, he will send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy so it’s ready to pick-up when you arrive.

Is my medical information secure?

Yes. The eConsultation interface is 100% HIPAA compliant, so any personal health information you provide is completely safe and secure.

Do I need any special equipment to use our eVisit portal?

You do need a few basics: a computer or compatible mobile device (tablet or smartphone), a webcam, and a microphone. If your computer or mobile device already has an integrated camera and microphone, you shouldn’t need any extra equipment to get started.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Is an eVisit still for me?

Yes! We designed the eVisit portal to be very user friendly. Imagine Skype, but with a few more bells and whistles to give you and your doctor everything you need to have a successful visit.

Schedule an e-Visit
How eVisits Work
  • 1) Create An Account

    Simply input your email address, choose a password, then add some personal details about your health and your tattoo.

  • 2) Download The App

    If you are using your phone or tablet, you will be prompted to download the free eVisit app. Once installed, you can log in with your email address and password you've chosen.

  • 3) Enter the Virtual Waiting Room

    From the app on your phone or tablet or from the eVisit link on a computer, you simply login and click ``Schedule an eVisit``, and you'll be entered into our waiting room. When the doctor is available to see you, you'll receive and email and a text message.

  • 4) Receive Your Consultation

    You'll be securely connected to the doctor via our eVisit interface to receive your consultation or post procedure aftercare.